Become a pro of mLearning and SupportApps design

Design tips to become a pro of mLearning and SupportApps design

Interested in mobile app design? Best forms of mobile app design have to be creative and appealing. It is important to have the right mix of usability, aesthetics and functionality for effective mobile app design. Read here to find some useful tips on m-Learning and Support Apps design.


How to choose best templates for your website?

Tips to choose the best templates for a website

Nowadays, creating a website is a must need for most of the people who are involved with any kind of online business and choosing the best templates is the most important part of it. Template is the structure of any website which needs some customization before the final call. Read here to learn some tips on how to choose the best templated for your website and give your website a stunning look.

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Tips to a Great Web Page

Top 10 Tips for a great website design

Designing of a stunning website might not be a magic, but there are some top tips to help you to get the work done. As web pages have to be user-friendly and quick in loading it also has to be visually attracting. Read here to get some top tips for a great website design.

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Pinterest like a Pro!

10 Brands that know how to Pinterest like a Pro!

Nowadays, the whole concept of online marketing or business has become very competitive. People now are trying to have new ways of online marketing and that is where something like Pinterest comes in. However, not everyone in the world is a professional user of the Pinterest and people or brands are still trying to get to terms with Pinterest. But the good thing is that Pinterest in not that difficult and some of the brands even now also make good use of it for the purpose of marketing. But it needs to be remembered that, marketing strategies either make a company or dissolves it. Below is the list of some of the companies that do avail Pinterest in a large manner and makes effective use of the application.



This is the first name that comes to mind when talking about Pinterest. They have made a good name for themselves when it comes to the shopping aspects. They are basically a company which is involved in retail and ordering of mails. Their Pinterest page is actually very good with different sections for different varieties they have with them.


This is one of the most popular brands that originated in the USA. They mainly are a fashion brand and they involve in selling of fragrances, jewelry, and various other items related to the world of fashion.


Another very famous brand that makes very good use of Pinterest is Lowe’s. They are mainly concerned with the selling of appliances of a household such as a furniture and others. They also have a classy Pinterest page and they make good use of it.


People who love handicrafts, Etsy are the right choice. They have an excellent reputation of doing good things when it comes to handmade goods. Their Pinterest page is very categorical and easy to operate.


This is one of the brands that will be loved by travelers. This allows you to book your flights with best deals. They also have accommodation service available with them. Their Pinterest page is worth having a look.

The Today Show

This is the most popular TV show when it comes to the USA. They already have so many followers but to increase the numbers they have started to Pinterest and it has worked wonders for them.

Whole Foods

You will have so many places to choose from when you are trying to order food either natural or organic. However, people resort to Whole Foods maximum of the time.

Kraft Recipes

It is one of the common names that come to mind as far as condiments such as cheese or dairy foods are concerned. To stay a step ahead from their nearest competitors, they have chosen Pinterest as the medium.

Free People

This is brand mostly for the use of women. They sell some goods that women use for their daily lives. In spite of having so many rivals, they have still stayed ahead due to one simple thing i.e. Pinterest.

Everyday Health

This is one of the websites that provide some essential tips related to fit and healthy life. They have managed to maintain a good reputation over others and it has even increased more since they started to do Pinterest.

How to get a free windows VPS for a year?

Full instructions: How to get a free windows VPS for a year?

It is possible for people nowadays to get their system test i.e. services done with the help of some form of free VPS that is being offered by establishments such as Amazon. The amazing part is that this VPS is free of charge for 1 year. However, it might seem that navigation to get the settings done for signing up is difficult but with some sort of guidance it will prove to be simple and relatively easy.


Some of the basic stuff that are needed are as follows –

  • You will need one credit card. Don’t worry they won’t charge you for anything but it is just a formality.
  • You will need to enter some form of a cellular number so that your identity could be verified.
  • Few minutes you have to spend on filling up the necessary forms.

Once you have done the above you will benefit with the following

  • RAM of 1GB
  • HDD of 30GB
  • 49Ghz worth of processor (virtual)
  • Microsoft Windows 2012 server R2 standard
  • Monthly limit of 1GB and once exceeded charges at $0.12 every 1GB

Initially, you will migrate towards page saying AWS and here you have to create a brand new account for sign up. Once you are done with signing up, you should complete another form related to the signup formality.

This form will need your details such as name and email and once you have entered the details your account is officially created. Next step is to migrate towards the page which says to sign up for the purpose of AWS.

Next step is to fill in your exact and correct details. You have to enter the REAL data and do not provide false information. Here you have to enter all the necessary details of your credit hence any invalid info might make the process wrong. Once you have done this, you have to hit the tab saying CREATE ACCOUNT.

Next step is the thing called phone call verification. You will be called by someone from the Amazon team and you have to give the correct PIN details. After this, the call will come with displaying a PIN on your PC. You have to enter the number accurately and this will finish the process of verification.

Once you have done the above, you have to click Continue so that you can select the type of support plan you need for your server.

This process is relatively simple. It is just your choice. You can select the Basic version which is free of charge. However, if you premium services you will be charged a certain amount for it. Once this is done, you are ready with your account related to AWS. Next step is also important as you now have to set up the related Windows VPS. To complete the process, you just have to finish one more formality by hitting the tab called “LAUNCH MANAGEMENT CONSOLE”.

These are the basics related to having the VPS server free of charge for a period of one year and one has to carefully follow to complete the authentication.